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Everyone has a right to know who they are, by where they come from.

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Looking for your ancestors?

Find My History helps you to reconnect with the history of your biological family.

I've been helping people all around the world to work out who their family are.

From people with a general curiosity about their ancestors from great grandparents and beyond,
to adoptees that have no idea where to begin.


Using official records and documentation from the place and time your family is from, I piece together a bigger picture about your family history


Looking for your ancestors? Using deep data analysis, you're able to find your genetic matches.


What People Say
About Find My History

This is real. She found my birth parents and I spoke to my mother a few hours ago. A miracle I never thought would happen.
She can help if you are searching.


I can't thank you enough for all your hard work on making my family tree! I love it!


Spoke to my birth father today! What a crazy thing this DNA roller coaster has been. My circle is complete.
Thank you Find My History for making this entire thing possible.


Discover Your Story

A family tree for those who want to know about their ancestors, and those that are looking for birth parents, can take many hours to complete, and since I work quickly, I offer my research into 4-hour blocks. For $35 an hour in a 4-hour block, I look up old records and cross reference them to create a family tree that tells a story.

For adoptees, I look at your Ancestry DNA results and determine who your ancestors are based on your matches. I offer a free consultation, where you can give me any information that you know and I will take a look to see if I can help you. If I cannot help, you will not be charged.


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